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SPEWY by Ang Collins 

World Premiere at the 2023 NEW ANNUAL Festival

September 27 - 30


Al loves Newcastle. It’s the city he was raised in, and he’s got no idea why you’d choose to live anywhere else.

Nic hates Newcastle. But after having her life chewed up and spat out by Sydney, she’s had to catch the express train right back up the coast, tail between her legs.

Nearly ten years after graduating from the same high school, Al and Nic meet again by chance at the pub. So begins a time-old tale of ‘will they, won’t they?’... except this story’s got way better beaches than most.

Newcastle is a city that’s got a strange power over the people who grow up there. It makes us proud, free, lonely, trapped. By some twist of Novocastrian fate, Al and Nic find themselves in a complicated love-hate situationship with each other and the hometown they share. 

So which one is it? “God’s Country” or “Spewcastle”?

Spewy is the Novocastrian rom-com that shoves the steel city under the spotlight. Award-winning playwright Ang Collins makes her return home to Newcastle to debut this brand new play. Helmed by seasoned director Adam Deusien in a special co-production from Bontom, Lingua Franca and New Annual, Spewy is a compelling regional Australian story, told by regional artists, created especially for regional audiences.

Laugh, swoon and let this unlikely love story unfurl like a map of your favourite town. 

Creator & writer: Ang Collins
Director: Adam Deusien
Dramaturg & producer: Thomas De Angelis
with Madelaine Osborn and Barney Donaghy

Spewy is a co-production between BBT and Lingua Franca.

Spewy was developed with support from New Annual’s Made New program.

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