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A new immersive verbatim theatre work currently in development

It’s 1999 and in Bathvillington, a quiet, small every-town of regional Australia, it’s the evening of the annual Eisteddfod. But when the ring-in adjudicator from the big city runs off last minute to play Tree No. 3 in the Rozelle Players pro-am production of Into the Woods, the entire Eisteddfod Management Committee, and the whole community, steps in so the show can go on!


Currently in creative development, The Eisteddfod Eisteddfod will be a full length show that is an exploration of performing arts competitions in regional towns, using real stories from interviews that reveal the highs and lows of what happens on and off stage. Made by a team of dancers, theatre-makers and musicians the show puts the Eisteddfod format itself under evaluation, asking audiences to decide whether winning or losing really matters in the long run.


A verbatim theatre and participatory performance, this work is a satire of performing arts competitions but a feel-good celebration of meaningful participation in the arts.



Lingua Franca is currently conducting research for the work through visiting regional communities and offering workshops and masterclasses for artists, students and communities. These workshops in theatre-making, dance and/or music, will be skills development but also research for the work, with interviews and material generation taking place. It's a process that is creative development, research and audience development all rolled into one, creating a strong foundation for the work that has community participation and engagement at its core.


If you would like Lingua Franca to come and connect with your community, or you have a great Eisteddfod story to share by getting in CONTACT

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