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A gay dinosaur climate change love story parable about loneliness and eco disaster

Meet our hero. He’s the last Dinosaur ever to live. Like the very last. He wakes up alone (what’s new?) one morning in the bunker to discover that it’s just him. Everyone else is gone. And he’s never fallen in love!

In a re-imagining of pre-history, we discover there was once a thriving and advanced dinosaur society, but one that had little respect for the natural world, that valued constant unsustainable technological progress and was too arrogant to act on the impending climate disaster that would eventually wipe them out of existence.

Sound familiar?

Alone and feeling a great sense of responsibility, this is his legacy – a dire warning to future societies not to make the same mistakes. Following his life as a small town, horny queer teenager to a lonely work-a-holic modern lizard king, will he ever find love living in a world on the edge of collapse, with time running out to save it?

Using cabaret, storytelling, performance lecture, sci-fi and camp, this rambunctious romp tells the story of the last days of the doomed Cretaceous Civilization asking: ARE THERE EVEN ANY (tricera)TOPS LEFT ANYMORE?!

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