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At the 2014 Catapult Festival, Stalker Theatre Aritistic Director David Clarkson collaborated with local artists Lingua Franca who were involved in the 2012 Catapult Merging Emerging artist project, to create a new piece with seven local emerging artists to be performed at the GALA festival performance evening.


Switch combines contemporary dance, physical theatre and stilt work exploring ideas of status and the interplay between physical performance form.

A work that used stilts, circus and dance, Switch is an upended of those that position them selves above the rest, and show how easy it is to tip the balance when we work together.


Directed by Alison Plevey and Adam Deusien

Menored by David Clarkson

Performed by Rebekah Kordas, Will Treddinick, Matt Davis, Tom Matthews, Alex Woodhouse, Ellenor Nunn

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