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by Kate Smith & Adam Deusien

CAMPING is about outsiders… outside. Two fools. One old, one young.  One straight. One gay. One looking for love and one too broken to try. They live in the central west of New South Wales. Mutual friends invite them camping by the river. Both hate the outdoors. Both hate the country. Sort of. But really they love it. They turn up. No-one else does. Neither got the text about the weather forecast. Cancelling the trip. Too dangerous. BUT the stars are out… and there is champagne and some bush weed and they may as well get to know each other….


CAMPING navigates the strange vastness and smallness of life in the country. The clichés of the ‘quiet, simple, slow life’ are raked into the fire. Think bush drag, wild goats, bird-watching, tinder, grindr, manning up and singing to the stars. Just for starters. Using, clown, physical theatre, cheap puns, charm, wigs, and songs, CAMPING is a fast-paced, whimsical, darkly funny trip to the country you don’t expect.


Created by Kate Smith & Adam Deusien they will be developing the show in the next year ready for tour, we are looking for partnerships and opportunities to present regionally.

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